The datacentre-in-a-box for high-performance-computing and cloud software development, testing, and education. Circumference is a miniaturised datacentre-in-a-box, complete with power distribution and sequencing, instrumentation, cooling, networking and remote console. It is intended for use as a lab platform to support cloud and HPC (High-Performance Computing) software development, testing, and education. Available… Read More
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MAGEEC Energy Measurement Kit

The MAGEEC WAND is capable of measuring energy consumption at 3 independent points and with simultaneous measurement of targets at 2,000,000 samples/second. The platform is comprised of an ARM Cortex M4-based STM32F4DISCOVERY board plus a custom shield, which is connected via USB to a host computer. The shield, STM32F4DISCOVERY firmware,… Read More

Parallella Cluster Kit

Kit for assembling a cluster of two to four Parallella boards that provides: Acrylic enclosure with cut-outs for Ethernet, Micro SD, Micro USB and Micro HDMI Metal spacers for stacking and supplying power to the boards DC power socket, switch and pre-soldered and crimped cables High quality 5V 8A desktop… Read More

Fernvale Development Platform Case

Fernvale is an open source development platform for the Mediatek MT6260 GSM/GPRS/EDGE-RX system-on-chip. It is comprised of the “Frond” mainboard, the “Blade” board which adds a keypad, SIM socket, expansion/breakout, screen interface and other useful features, plus the “Spore” module which adds GSM RF, and an… Read More