SiFive Freedom E310 processor

Details of new products, sneak previews of those in development, and workshop insights.

New product: HiFive Unleashed case

HiFive Unleashed features the world’s first and only Linux-capable, multi-core, RISC-V processor — the Freedom U540 — and now there is a simple case available to protect it. Read More

Unique Circumference Datacentre-in-a-Box Clusters hit Crowd Supply

Halifax, UK, 18thMay 2018 —Open-source and technical communities consultancy AB Open and its hardware division Ground Electronics have launch a campaign for Circumference, a family of custom-designed desktop cluster computing units based around the popular Raspberry Pi and UDOO x86 single-board computer families. Available to pre-order now on crowdfunding… Read More

New product: Parallella Porcupine eLink cables

Cable sets are now available that connect the Tx and Rx between two Parallella Porcupine eLink ports, enabling the building of larger Parallella many-core systems that are made up of multiple interconnected Adapteva E16G301 devices. Read More

New product: Fernvale case

Fernvale is a modular open hardware development platform for the Mediatek MT6260 SoC, featuring a keypad, screen and SIM socket etc. — all the basic things you’d expect with a mobile phone — plus plenty of debugging interfaces. The case we’ve developed is laser cut from… Read More

Design for Laser Cutting: Toolpaths

Design for laser cutting is a pleasant introduction to CAD for a number of reasons. There are many software packages that can be used to generate the correct type of design files including some that may be familiar – such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape – from other design practice. Modern desktop… Read More

New product: Novena Micro Fan Assembly

We found that when using our Novena all-in-one desktop with computationally intensive workloads, the Freescale SoC would quickly heat up and the CPU governor would then kick in and throttle back the clock speed. This isn’t so much of an issue with tasks such as compiling software, however, it can… Read More

Boldport Tea Winner

Those who follow Boldport on Twitter will know that the correct answer to the question, “which particular type of tea powers Boldport’s design work with PCBmodeE?”, is of course Russian caravan! Thanks to all those who entered the competition, a correct entry was selected at… Read More

Boldport Tea Competition

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Boldport‘s work and it turns out that their excellent taste extends beyond the design of beautiful, functional circuits, to that very best of beverages, tea. Which brings us to the subject of this competition: can you tell us which particular type… Read More

New case for Novena and Myriad-RF SDR module

We’ve just added a new case kit to the store which is designed to accommodate the Novena open hardware computing platform mainboard together with the companion Myriad-RF SDR module. Features include: U.FL to panel mounted SMA connector cables for TX… Read More

Welcome to The Ground Electronics Blog

Welcome to the Ground Electronics blog, which we will be using to provide details of new products and sneak previews of some of those in development, along with notes on workshop techniques and insights into our adventures in manufacturing! Andrew… Read More