It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Boldport‘s work and it turns out that their excellent taste extends beyond the design of beautiful, functional circuits, to that very best of beverages, tea.

Which brings us to the subject of this competition: can you tell us which particular type of tea powers Boldport’s design work with PCBmodeE? If you think you have the answer drop us a line via You have until 22nd May 2015 to enter, a single correct entry will be selected at random and the winner will be announced on 29th May 2015.

And the prize? A selection of Boldport designed open source hardware goodness, of course. Shipped to anywhere in the world at our cost.


The prize package will include a Cuttlefish kit. A minimal Arduino-compatible board inspired by the Shrimp, the Cuttlefish is a simple but fun design that was commissioned by Embecosm for use in outreach workshops. A CP2102 USB UART will also be included for programming.

OSHCamp kits

We’ll also include a couple of very special limited edition kits that were put together for Open Source Hardware Camp 2013 and 2014, and packaged by our friends at Oomlout.

The first of these is the Wuther board, a Bordport redesign of Ihsan Kehribar’s excellent USB multi-tool, littleWire. The second is the Nutclough, a portable audio amplifier with a design that was commissioned by Calrec Audio — makers of breathtakingly beautiful and blisteringly high performance broadcast audio consoles — to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

The Wuther board is not available to buy and the only other chance you have of getting your hands on a Nutclough kit is if you bump into Calrec at a trade show and speak nicely to them. Of course, both designs are open source and so you’re free (and encouraged!) to make your own PCBs.


Finally, we will include a Pease board — Boldport’s tribute to the late, great Bob Pease. This is the PCB only and no components are included, but the board does also double as a key ring and what engineer wouldn’t be proud to carry this around in their pocket.

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