Parallella Open Case and Cooling Kit

An open case and fan kit for the Parallella board. Now cut from glass-look acrylic. Note that a heatsink must still be used. Boards purchased since 10th July 2014 are supplied with a single “slab” heatsink, and either this or two smaller heatsinks may be fitted. Read More

Parallella Leather Slip Case

A slip case for the PARC-01, for protecting your board and acrylic case during transit. Handmade in dark blue leather in Hebden Bridge, UK. Please note that: Since this product is made from natural materials the colour and patina may vary slightly As… Read More

Parallella Heatsink Kit

A pair of heatsinks that are suited for use with Parallella boards purchased prior to 10th July 2014 and which didn’t come supplied with a “slab” heatsink, or as a compact alternative that doesn’t cover as much of the board. Contains: 20x20x6mm silver heatsink for the Zynq chip 15x15x8mm blue… Read More

Parallella Enamel Badge

Metal and vitreous enamel Parallella badge. Note: some badges have a brooch fastener and others have 2x butterfly fasteners. Which you get is the luck of the draw, but both can be fixed to most items of clothing. Read More

Parallella eLink Cable Pair

A pair of ribbon cables for connecting eLink TX and RX between Parallella Porcupine boards, to enable the creation of single-system image clusters. Note: only a pair of ribbon cables terminated in 2.0mm pitch connectors are included. See the 2nd photo for details. Read More

Parallella Cluster Kit

Kit for assembling a cluster of two to four Parallella boards that provides: Acrylic enclosure with cut-outs for Ethernet, Micro SD, Micro USB and Micro HDMI Metal spacers for stacking and supplying power to the boards DC power socket, switch and pre-soldered and crimped cables High quality 5V 8A desktop… Read More