UmTRX Enamel Badge

Metal and vitreous enamel UmTRX badge. Note: some badges have a brooch fastener and others have 2x butterfly fasteners. Which you get is the luck of the draw, but both can be fixed to most items of clothing. Read More


The Novena-RF module was developed by Myriad-RF and adds SDR capabilities to the Novena open hardware computing platform. Key specifications RF bandwidth: 300 MHz to 3800 MHz Baseband… Read More

Novena/Novena-RF Case Kit

An acrylic enclosure that is designed to accommodate the Novena mainboard plus Novena-RF module. Features include: U.FL to panel mounted SMA connector cables for TX and RX Cut-outs for access to FPGA JTAG and UART headers Array of M3 mounting holes… Read More