We found that when using our Novena all-in-one desktop with computationally intensive workloads, the Freescale SoC would quickly heat up and the CPU governor would then kick in and throttle back the clock speed. This isn’t so much of an issue with tasks such as compiling software, however, it can pose a major problem when running software-defined radio (SDR) applications that simply will not work at reduced processor speeds.

Thankfully we managed to source an ultra-slim micro fan that can be affixed above the SoC and powered via the front panel PCB. We’ve made a small batch of kits that comprise of the fan mounted in a laser cut acrylic holder and with a power cable terminating in the appropriate JST connector. This assembly is secured in place via two M2.5 hex standoffs, which are themselves fastened to the enclosure via two conveniently placed threaded inserts.

Once these are sold it’s not clear that we will produce any more, as the fans are not easy to source — some sold as the same part are almost identical but half the power and do not move sufficient air — and for something that is very simple, assembly ended up being quite time consuming.