Fernvale is an open source development platform for the Mediatek MT6260 GSM/GPRS/EDGE-RX system-on-chip. It is comprised of the “Frond” mainboard, the “Blade” board which adds a keypad, SIM socket, expansion/breakout, screen interface and other useful features, plus the “Spore” module which adds GSM RF, and an LCD screen. There is also a flex PCB which provides JTAG access and there is plenty of debug interfacing in general.

This case kit provides neat solution to holding all the various assembled parts securely, while still providing access to header pins. It can either be assembled with 8 nylon spacers which enable access to headers on the underside, or with steel nuts in place of these, so as to provide a more slimline solution.

The case is constructed from laser cut 3mm glass look and 5mm grey acrylic. Header pins are also included. For a complete bill of materials see the GitHub repository.

Please note that none of the Fernvale PCB assemblies or hardware supplied along with these are included. Fernvale kits can be purchased from sysmocom.