The MAGEEC WAND is capable of measuring energy consumption at 3 independent points and with simultaneous measurement of targets at 2,000,000 samples/second.

The platform is comprised of an ARM Cortex M4-based STM32F4DISCOVERY board plus a custom shield, which is connected via USB to a host computer.

The shield, STM32F4DISCOVERY firmware, and a Python framework and applications, were developed as part of the MAGEEC project.

Hardware has been made available to members of the MAGEEC project, other research groups and as part of a workshop at FOSDEM 2014Embecosm have funded the production of a limited number of kits which are now being made generally available at cost. There are no plans to produce any more once these are sold.

For further details, including a bill of materials, see the WAND Kit GitHub repository.