The Novena-RF module was developed by Myriad-RF and adds SDR capabilities to the Novena open hardware computing platform.

Key specifications

  • RF bandwidth: 300 MHz to 3800 MHz
  • Baseband bandwidth: programmable (16 selections) 0.75 – 14 MHz, bypass mode
  • RF connectors: U.FL
  • Communication: LMS6002D registers are controlled via SPI interface and samples are transferred via the Novena’s FPGA

Software support

A driver is available that is based on the vendor and platform neutral SDR support library, SoapySDR. Support within GNU Radio applications is provided by GrOsmoSDR via the SoapySDR API, and also via the UHD API via a SoapySDR module for the UHD driver.

Useful links

Please note that only the module is provided and U.FL cables will be required. For details of fitting the module into a Novena Laptop or Desktop with SMA connectors, see this blog post. When using with the desktop or laptop you must cover the module 0.1″ pitch headers with Kapton tape, as these are brought in close proximity to the metal backing of the screen when the laptop/desktop is closed.