Novena/Novena-RF Case Kit

An acrylic enclosure that is designed to accommodate the Novena mainboard plus Novena-RF module. Features include: U.FL to panel mounted SMA connector cables for TX and RX Cut-outs for access to FPGA JTAG and UART headers Array of M3 mounting holes… Read More

Parallella eLink Cable Pair

A pair of ribbon cables for connecting eLink TX and RX between Parallella Porcupine boards, to enable the creation of single-system image clusters. Note: only a pair of ribbon cables terminated in 2.0mm pitch connectors are included. See the 2nd photo for details. Read More

Parallella Cluster Kit

Kit for assembling a cluster of two to four Parallella boards that provides: Acrylic enclosure with cut-outs for Ethernet, Micro SD, Micro USB and Micro HDMI Metal spacers for stacking and supplying power to the boards DC power socket, switch and pre-soldered and crimped cables High quality 5V 8A desktop… Read More

Cuttlefish Kit

The Cuttlefish is a fun PCB version of the Shrimp — a minimal Arduino compatible — that is designed for use in both breadboard prototyping and more permanent projects, including header pins for the former and mounting holes for the latter. A USB UART is required… Read More